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Today’s seniors are quite a bit different than those of previous generations according to several recent studies. In fact, when asked how old they feel, many seniors offer answers well below their actual ages. At the same time, modern-day seniors are leading more active lifestyles than they anticipated when they were younger.

They’re getting out and enjoying time with friends. They’re living out their dreams of traveling and seeing the world. In some instances, younger people are finding it difficult to keep up with their parents and grandparents.

Making the Transition to Assisted Living

Having said all that, reports show that some 70 percent of Americans will move to an assisted living community at some point. These days, though, that doesn’t necessarily mean seniors have to turn their backs on their lifestyles. Today’s assisted living communities are paying close attention to the changing mindsets of their residents, and they’re offering numerous options to keep them happy.

When looking for senior living services in California, it’s important to keep certain factors in mind. Doing so will help ensure residents find the right communities to meld with their needs as well as their lifestyles. While cost is one aspect to consider, it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. 

Explore Communities’ Accommodations

One of the first elements to explore is the types of accommodations various assisted living homes have to offer. Do they have private apartments? How much square footage is available? What are the layouts of the apartments? If the potential resident has cherished pets, be sure to find out if the communities will allow those furry family members to come along.

Understand the Care that’s Available

Another important aspect to look into is the type of care these communities make available to their residents. Find out if care staff are available around the clock and learn what their staff-to-resident ratio is. Are there enough caregivers on staff to fully handle residents’ needs? Ask about the physicians who are on staff. Will emergency treatments be available if needed? Are specialists on hand to provide medical care beyond the basics?

Don’t hesitate to ask questions about a community’s approach to individual care and the amount of attention each resident receives. Learn more about the levels of assistance provided for residents versus their capacity to live independently. If a potential resident needs memory care, be sure the communities being considered are able to provide it.

Don’t Overlook Social Events

Socialization is crucial for everyone, including seniors. Unfortunately, senior citizens are more prone to loneliness and isolation than those in other age groups. With that in mind, being sure senior communities offer social events is essential. Inquire about the other types of events held for residents as well, such as exercise programs, outings, crafting, and educational courses, to name a few possibilities. Having access to salon services and other amenities can make a world of difference, too.

Looking at the Role of Therapy Programs

In addition to those previous points, be sure the communities being considered to offer therapy programs. Therapy sessions are crucial for anyone who’s recovering from surgery or an injury. They’re important for dementia and stroke victims as well. Many doctors will prescribe therapy after a change in environment, such as a move to assisted living. Their benefits don’t end there, though. The advantages of therapy extend well beyond those instances. 

Therapy can help keep seniors happy and healthy in many ways. It can prevent the loss of balance and coordination that often comes with aging or results from certain medical conditions, medications, and injuries. As such, it can aid in keeping seniors active and allowing them to participate in physical and social activities. Furthermore, therapy can allow seniors to live more independently. It may prevent falls and other injuries as well.

Additionally, therapy has been shown to improve mental health among seniors. Helping them remain active is a contributing factor here, but it’s not the only one to consider. Therapy sessions can boost seniors’ confidence and reduce the risks of numerous dangerous medical issues. They can reduce pain as well. Pain can dampen people’s spirits and even lead to depression and anxiety. Since therapy programs can target pain, they greatly decrease those risks.

Fostering Seniors’ Lifestyles with Care and Compassion

At Crescendo Senior Living, we’re dedicated to helping our residents remain active and happy. We offer an array of services that are geared toward those goals. Our team members keep residents’ best interests at heart and are devoted to giving them the care they deserve. From beautiful apartments and incredible dining options to an array of events and activities, we’re committed to giving our residents the best of everything.

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