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Senior communities offer protection, entertainment, and companionship for their residents. An added benefit is that they also address typical health concerns that arise as people age. Hearing loss is a widespread problem for seniors, but many people may not realize the loss is occurring. Communities in California now address this concern by using the Eversound Hearing System. The system offers a wide array of benefits for all residents.

The Prevalence of Hearing Loss

As people enter the assisted living environment, hearing loss can affect their ability to feel comfortable or fit into the community. Everyone experiences potential risk factors for hearing loss throughout their life. Environmental noise, heredity, illnesses, and much more can reduce the ability of people to hear adequately. The problem can begin early in life and not become noticeable until the senior years.

Experts know that over 30 percent of seniors between the ages of 65 and 74 experience this concern. Many will lose their hearing slowly, so the individual may not realize they have a problem. Embarrassment or vulnerability may cause others to ignore the loss and pretend it has not happened.  

The Risks of Avoiding Help

Family members will usually be the first to notice their loved one has trouble hearing. The individual may raise the volume when they listen to music or watch TV. The seniors may speak louder or may accuse those around them of mumbling. Families may avoid talking to a senior about this concern to avoid upsetting them, but there are risks involved with hearing loss.

Some people may not hear valuable information at a medical appointment. They may miss the sound of a phone ringing or not realize someone is knocking at their door. The benefit of senior living services prevents these issues from becoming dangerous to the individual, but assistance cannot stop all damage from uncorrected hearing loss. Trouble hearing may double the risk of an accidental injury. Seniors struggling to hear may focus too hard on sounds and not pay enough attention to the rest of their environment.

The individual’s emotional and mental health may face the most risk from untreated hearing loss. People with hearing problems may avoid social events. They may not want to go to concerts, movies, or other shows because they cannot enjoy or understand the entertainment.

Hearing loss may stop people from socializing one-on-one because of the frustration of asking people to speak up or the embarrassment of misunderstanding conversations. The lack of brain engagement puts them at risk of depression and could make them more at risk of developing dementia.

The Benefits of Hearing Services 

A new study found that people with hearing loss who wear a hearing device score 3% better on their cognitive tests. Additionally, the use of hearing aids was found to reduce long-term cognitive decline by 19%. With prevention being one of the best ways to manage dementia this is a key finding.

With this information we should all be encouraged to make our annual hearing tests, protect our hearing when exposed to loud noises, and to use hearing support devices as they are recommended to us. 

Our assisted living community in Placentia, CA offers the Eversound Hearing System. The vital programs provided as part of the system can reduce the number of residents with undiagnosed hearing loss and help seniors get more enjoyment out of their golden years. Eversound provides convenient plug-and-play headphones that instantly boost hearing during one-on-one conversations and group activities.

The headphones allow seniors to appreciate what they would otherwise miss and to learn more about the frequency of hearing loss in the community. Understanding how often hearing loss happens lets people feel more comfortable discussing their concerns and accepting help.

Additionally, the senior community will have access to hearing tests to determine if they need a hearing device. The fittings, maintenance, and repairs for all hearing aids take place on-site for the most accessibility and comfort. Along with the devices, people can learn more about hearing loss and how it affects their life.

The community will provide the care as an ongoing program so everyone will have help with this issue. The program also offers information for family members to understand more about the importance of addressing hearing loss.

The Community Improvements for Everyone

Addressing hearing loss will enable more of the community to participate in events. It can help improve the enjoyment of group activities and make socialization between residents easier. More social activities and better overall health for the population will increase community enjoyment for all residents. The family members of residents with hearing loss will also discover their loved one communicates better and is happier and more satisfied with their lives.

Health, safety, and happiness is the goal of every senior community. Hearing tests and reliable devices for improved hearing are painless ways to reach these goals. Every improvement increases the quality of life for everyone and brings substantial improvements to those who find a simple solution for their hearing loss.

Crescendo Senior Living offers a safe and comfortable environment for all seniors. The community services adapt to meet the specific needs of every member. A skilled and caring staff, busy activities schedule, and more ensure all residents remain happy and engaged.

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