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Over 800,000 aging Americans live in assisted living communities according to the latest reports. That figure is expected to more than double over the next 20 years. As such, a continually growing number of families are going to have to approach the topic of assisted living for aging parents and other loved ones in the years to come. 

Some elderly citizens make the decision to move to assisted living homes on their own. They realize they need help with everyday tasks or will at some point, so they go ahead and make the transition ahead of time. Of course, others aren’t quite so accepting of the concept and would rather age in place. 

Talking with Siblings or Aging Parents about Assisted Living

In cases where aging parents are reluctant to consider senior living services, discussing the matter with them may not be easy. Some become indignant with their adult children whereas others completely shut down and altogether reject the notion. When that happens, finding a new approach may be necessary.

Other times, siblings may disagree on whether or not their aging parents need assisted living. Some feel it would be best for mom and dad while others think it’s unnecessary. That type of situation can also be uncomfortable and may require a bit of strong convincing.

Strategies for Discussing Assisted Living with Those Who Resist

When it comes to talking with aging parents about transitioning to an assisted living community in Placentia, CA, consider going over all the potential benefits for them. Leaving out some of the health-related aspects may be helpful. Instead, focus more on the lifestyle factors.

No More Home or Yard Maintenance

Remind them that all their lawn care and landscaping needs would be taken care of in an assisted living community. They wouldn’t have to worry about mowing the lawn, raking leaves, or cleaning out the gutters. Any plumbing or electrical issues that would be their responsibility in their current home would be taken care of for them in assisted living. They wouldn’t be bothered with all the extra financial requirements that come along with home and yard maintenance, either.

Help with Housework

Additionally, they’d have as much or as little help as they wanted or needed with household chores, like dusting, vacuuming, and mopping. Staff members could take care of all those tasks for mom and dad or stop by and offer assistance with only certain chores. The choice would be theirs. From making the beds to changing out the curtains, people would be readily available to help.


At the same time, explore the opportunities for socialization they’d have in an assisted living community. They’d have the potential to make numerous new friends in their age group. They’d also have several activities to choose from. Socialization is important among elderly people, and remaining active is equally beneficial. Assisted living communities offer an array of events and activities for their residents. 

Getting Siblings On Board with Assisted Living

Those points may help convince aging parents that assisted living would be a good option. On the other hand, they may not be very influential among siblings who don’t think that’s the best solution for mom and dad. In that case, pointing out the factors that pertain to medical care for seniors and ensuring their health and safety might be more persuasive.

Access to Medical Care

In assisted living communities, medical care and assistance are always at residents’ disposal. That includes routine checkups as well as treatments for illnesses, injuries, and other needs. Specialized services, including memory care and addressing varying dietary needs, are also provided. There’s no need to worry that mom or dad won’t be able to get the help they need for medical conditions, unexpected illnesses, and other issues. 

No Safety Issues

Research indicates that almost one million elderly Americans are treated for injuries that occur in their homes each year. Numerous seemingly harmless items could place seniors at risk of injuries. Those household hazards can include loose flooring, rugs, slippery bathtubs, and electrical cords to name a few.  

Eliminating all the possible dangers is nearly impossible for most families hoping to keep elderly loved ones safe. Though outside intervention can help, there’s still a possibility of certain hazards being overlooked or unexpectedly developing after the fact. In assisted living communities, staff members take extra care to keep their residents safe and minimize safety concerns. 

Choosing the Best Option for Aging Parents

At Crescendo Senior Living, we offer assisted living and memory care as well as an array of services designed to keep our residents safe and healthy. We ensure all their needs are taken care of. Our goal is to foster their lifestyles while placing their loved ones at ease. 

If siblings or aging parents are hesitant to consider assisted living, discussing the matter with them can be difficult. It takes a bit of patience and approaching the situation from just the right point of view. Try to remain positive and point out all the potential benefits of assisted living communities to help get everyone on board with the concept. 

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