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Skilled Nursing

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What Is Skilled Nursing Care?

It is a common misconception that “skilled nursing,” “assisted living,” and “nursing home” are interchangeable terms. They are, in fact, very different.

• “Nursing home” refers only to the structure or building where care is provided, whereas “assisted living” and “skilled nursing” refer to the type.

• Assisted living is care that is provided to seniors who don’t require 24-hour supervision but may need assistance with ADL’s (activities of daily living). ADLs include tasks such as bathing, grooming, using the toilet, meals, taking medication as prescribed, and so forth.

• Skilled nursing refers to the type of care or treatment for a qualified patient, and licensed nurse can only provide. This type of service is generally offered in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other medical centers. These are regulated and certified by the Department of Health and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. To be approved, facilities that offer skilled nursing are inspected regularly to ensure they meet the required quality standards and other strict criteria.

What Are The Different Types Of Skilled Nursing?

In the event of a traumatic injury, stroke, surgery, or intensive treatment for heart, kidney, or respiratory medical conditions, you or a loved one may require rehabilitation or ongoing care and treatments after being released from the hospital. Medicare will cover the cost of skilled nursing services should the treating doctor or physician prescribe physical or occupational therapy, including medication, equipment and supplies, and social services to aid recovery if the services are provided in a certified nursing facility.

Skilled nursing may involve the following:

• Physical therapy to aid the physical recovery after illness, surgery, or hospitalization by a skilled rehabilitation team working together on a personalized plan for the best outcome.

• Occupational therapy assists in learning skills to adapt to physical and social environments, including coordination, memory, and ADL’s.

• Speech therapy to assist with speech impairments, improve communication skills and assist with problems with swallowing. A speech and language pathologist will create a unique treatment plan to offer alternative means of communication, improve language ability and provide dietary recommendations.

Over and above these therapies, skilled nursing services provide additional treatments, including IV (intravenous) therapy, monitoring vital signs, using medical equipment, and giving injections.

Skilled nursing including the following types of staff:

• Registered nurse
• Licensed practical nurse
• Speech and language therapist or pathologist
• Audiologist
• Licensed vocational nurse
• Medical director

A skilled nurse is required to agree with a hospital if a patient or resident requires an emergency transfer.

Tips For Choosing A Skilled Nursing Facility

Pay a visit and form an overall impression of the facility, activities, treatments, staff, and residents. Ask the following:

• Is the facility clean and hygienic?
• Are the staff friendly and helpful?
• Do the residents seem happy and well-cared for?
• Can you picture your loved one living in the facility?

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