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Respite Care

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What Is Respite Care?

Respite care is the short-term break given to caregivers to look after themselves after a long shift. For example, one needs some time off to look after themselves after taking care of a sick person for more than 24 hours. This helps the caregiver to relax and even focus on their other aspects of life.

It is during this period of self-care that respite care comes in handy.

Venues of Respite Care

1. Residential care centers that offer overnight stays.
2. In special daycare institutes.
3. At the comfort of your home.

Depending on your situation, the self-care breaks can be long or short. It can be for a few weeks, a few days, a few hours, or a day.

Who Needs Respite Care?

If one has a disability or an illness, one may need care all day. However, the caregivers also need to relax and rest, exercise, work, go to appointments, shop, or go for a vacation which is the definition of respite care.

If you take care of the patients listed below, you will need respite care.

1. Blindness
2. A stroke patient.
3. Dementia
4. A brain injury patient.
5. Cancer

Standard Respite Care Services.

Respite care offers comfortable and safe services for your families and loved ones while you are away attending to other personal matters. The caregivers are well trained and qualified for the job.

They offer services such as:

1. Help with getting in and out of bed.
2. Exercise.
3. Fun outdoor activities.
4. Take medications
5. Help with meals.
6. Dressing
7. Taking showers.

There are also group respite care services at community centers, adult daycare centers, or assisted living facilities.

The programs offered include dance, time to socialize with others, entertainment, meals, or art classes.

Types of Respite Care.

1. At Home Respite Care.

If your loved one is at home and needs care, respite care offers home services.
To the sick or older adult at home, the respite care providers act as companions or guardians ensuring they are safe and don’t hurt themselves.

Home respite cares also help them with dressing, taking showers, eating, or medications.
Other respite care facilities offer laundry services.

2. Adult Day Programs or Centers.

In these institutions, one can take their loved ones for the whole day or just a few hours depending on their day-to-day schedules.

Some respite care programs go the extra mile of picking their clients at home and returning them at the end of their sessions. During these sessions, the clients are offered meals, music classes, exercises and watched over by trained personnel.

Respite Care Facilities.

Some respite care facilities offer short-term respite care services. One may consider assisted living as an alternative to care for their seniors who can’t stay alone.

Respite care facilities are also commonly known as residential respite care or short-term assisted living.

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