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Hear all about the quality service provided at Crescendo Senior Living from the people whose opinions matter most—our residents and their families.

Have had a wonderful experience placing our friend in Crescendo. Her quality of life has improved immensely!

– Jan W.

Our family got lucky finding Crescendo! Beautiful Grounds to beautiful staff. Crescendo is an attentive and caring facility for our parents. Thank you!

– Scott L.

Overall we are very satisfied with our decision.  We appreciate what the staff are doing and we wouldn’t have it any other way, we are glad they are there and don’t regret our decision.  The value I think is very good.  He has everything there that he needs and doesn’t want for anything.  He gets his money’s worth.  There is people there that care about him and I see that when they engage with him.  How do you put a price on that?  I think it’s a good value.  It’s very clean and the maintenance is top notch.  Their accessibility is excellent.  When I see them they are always greeting people.  They know me when I walk in there.  They address any issues I have or if my dad has any issues. Anything we bring up they make sure it gets rectified quickly.  I think the dining is outstanding.   They are on top of the service.  They ask him and inquire on what he wants for lunch or dinner.  They take the time to listen to him.  Dad is in the beginning stages of dementia and they ask him questions and make sure they get him exactly what he wants to eat.  I think the staff does a really good job.  He enjoys his meals.  I’ve had a few meals there and they were good, very well prepared and had a nice presentation.  They have  real good selection of off the menu items like a sandwich or some soup. Anytime there is a question about a medication they are on the phone with me.  The Director, Miriam, we have a conversation a couple times a week about making sure I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing or medication or whatever the case my be.  They are well engaged with my dads needs and bring any concern to me right away.  I appreciate that.  The caregivers check on him and bring his food when he wasn’t feeling well.  I’m impressed with their attention to detail and I would recommend this community to others. – Jeffrey  W (Son)

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Crescendo Senior Living. Charley explained the different assisted living options that Crescendo had to offer for my dad. There was never any pressure. We have been so pleased with the whole experience. Charley, Dawn, and Dale make an amazing team!”

“My father was recently admitted to Memory Care. Charles and Dawn were successful problem solvers as we dealt with each challenge presented by COVID limitations. Dawn’s knowledge and expertise paved the way for my Dad to be in the best room and location possible for his needs. Thank you, Charles, Dawn, Dale, and the Memory Care staff!”

“We have been very happy with Crescendo Senior Living’s Memory Care. The administrative staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful, offering useful suggestions to our family. The caregivers are very supportive, cheerful, and professional. We are thankful to have found this wonderful community for our mother.”

“Amazing facility on all levels—staff, environment, and commitment. A++ all the way.”

My father was admitted to Memory Care a week ago and it was quite a process due to COVID limitations. Charles and Dawn were successful problem solvers as we dealt with each challenge. Dawn’s knowledge and expertise paved the way for my Dad to be in the best room and location possible to serve his needs. Since visiting is still limited, we have to trust that he is being well cared for and I’m grateful to report that we have that trust which is a huge gift for not only my Dad but for his family. This choice was well worth the challenges getting him there. Thank you Charles, Dawn, Dale, and the Memory Care staff.

We have been very pleased with the care our mother has received at Cresendo. They have met all her needs and she is content. We have been especially impressed with the admin and staff at Cresendo during these COVID times. Communication has been very good every step of the way.

My Grandfather lived here for over 3 years. I can’t say enough about the staff. I truly believe they deeply cared for my Grandpa. If you’re looking for a place for your loved one don’t hesitate. I wish he was still around but I’m truly happy that he was able to live his last moments with people who truly cared for him.


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