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Memory Care

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Memory Care Support for People with Dementia or Alzheimer’s

Memory care is ideal if you cannot take care of your loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s. This type of care is for senior citizens who require specialized intensive care suffering from memory problems.

Why is memory care different?

People with Alzheimer’s or dementia feel stressed when they can’t remember something. Memory care aims to lower that stress by providing a structured environment with specific routines tailor-made for patients. For example, employees help residents perform personal care tasks, provide meals, and offer companionship, just like in an assisted living facility. In addition, the employees get unique training to deal with situations that may occur with people having Alzheimer’s or dementia.

In assisted living, residents are responsible for personal care, such as setting menus, managing their time, ordering meals, and many other things. Memory care facilities work slightly differently. Here, the staff performs everything. From providing personal care to bringing meals, they will look after the resident 24 x 7.

Memory care living facilities come with alarming elevators and doors because residents with dementia or Alzheimer’s may wander away without informing anyone. They have enclosed outdoors so that the residents don’t accidentally go out. Residents also get tracking bracelets that allow the staff to monitor their movements.

The memory care nursing homes come up with various activities that improve the residents’ cognitive function.

How to choose a memory care facility

With so many memory care communities around, it is not very clear to choose one that meets your requirements. Here’s a guide that can help find one of the best memory care centers.

First of all, you should narrow down the list to a handful of memory care homes and make one unannounced visit to one of them in the evening. Keep the following in mind when you pay a visit:

Layout and physical environment: Check the cleanliness of the place and look for circular hallways. They prevent residents from getting frustrated with dead ends. In addition, we label our doors and rooms with both words and pictures to avoid confusion among residents.

Staff: Ask around for the type of dementia-specific training that the employees get before joining. You can talk to one of the on-duty nurses about their course of action when a resident becomes aggressive.

Food and activities: What type of memory care services does the facility provide? Ask about the strategies that the staff use to encourage residents to have their meals. You can also inquire about different memory care programs for residents that can jog back their cognitive function.

Availability of continuing care: Does the memory care facility provide complex medical care? Go through the list of health conditions that the staff can manage. You can also specify the behavioral issues that your loved one may have. This would help the team to move the resident to an expensive level of care for better support.

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