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As the population of elderly Americans continues to grow and remain healthy, there is also an increasing need for other options for senior care. Residential homes provide quality assistance with activities of daily living through case management and resources like meal plans and housekeeping services. Most convalescent homes offer individualized care plans with caregivers who assist with daily household chores and medication reminders.

These services can be viable for family members looking after loved ones who can no longer live independently but may not yet qualify for nursing home placement. There are several ways to support a senior family member who lives in a retirement home. Below are six tips to help people navigate the process and keep their loved ones happy and healthy.

Finding the right home

When a family member chooses to transition into an assisted living center, it’s essential to ensure that the community is suitable for their needs. First and foremost, it should be non-institutional. The building should have an inviting atmosphere with enough space between the rooms to allow privacy but still, be close enough so that residents can see what’s happening. It should also be clean, well-maintained, safe, and secure.

Send cards and letters

Writing heartfelt messages on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays shows older adults that they are loved and are thought of and cherished. Caregivers are occasionally exhausted from the long hours of offering care to the elderly. Respite care services provide them with temporary relief from their duties. Personalized messages of love, admiration, or even just catching up with what’s happening in each other’s lives can make all the difference to those living far away from home.

Regular Visitation

Regular visits to a loved one in senior citizen residences can make a world of difference in their emotional and mental well-being. When it comes to supporting families in old living homes, frequent visits are essential. When caretakers show support to the elderly, it gives them a sense of comfort, reminding them that they are not alone. Additionally, engaging in meaningful conversations and activities with them can help brighten their moods. From board games to movie nights, there are plenty of entertaining options to help foster relationships between caretakers and their loved ones. Senior living services in these communities enable the elderly to live and enjoy the independence they want while at the same time receiving much-needed assistance with their daily activities.

Encourage an Active Lifestyle

Caretakers must ensure that golden agers are as active and independent as possible. Within the assisted living community in Placentia, CA, there are many recreational activities available for residents to engage in. Encouraging older adults to participate in these activities helps them feel like an integral part of their community and prevents them from feeling isolated or discouraged. Additionally, caregivers can bring along books, puzzles, or games when visiting to give seniors something fun and stimulating to do during their stay. Even simple conversations about current events or favorite TV shows can help promote engagement with their environment.

Getting involved in activities

Activity and socialization are the reasons senior residence communities exist. When aging adults are active, engaged, and interacting with others, they tend to be happier than those not involved in activities. Socialization is essential for good health and mental well-being. When an individual has dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, it is even more critical that they get involved in activities because they rely on memory more than someone without the condition. Having a robust social network helps to reduce stress and, in turn, helps improve overall health.

By becoming involved in activities, seniors can maintain a sense of independence, purpose, and self-worth. Activities in the senior living unit, such as bingo, card games, or music programs, can encourage socialization and provide meaningful interaction with others.

Communicating with staff

Family members who care for older people living in senior communities can create a more enjoyable environment for the whole family through more frequent and meaningful communication with staff. This communication helps establish trust, respect, openness, and understanding between the caregiver and the team. According to the Attachment Theory, which focuses on how caregivers and older adults develop caring relationships in residential care communities, this level of communication is critical, as it allows caregivers to be more effective in their everyday activities with loved ones. Studies have shown that when caregivers can form strong bonds with the staff due to mutual understanding, they increase job satisfaction and commitment.

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