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Clinical depression leads to complex symptoms that can make anyone with the condition spiral out of control and face overwhelming depression. They lose all interest in the things and people they love, and for some, it is hard to get out of bed. Sleep disorders, a loss of appetite, and significant weight loss are possible for these assisted living homes, and loved ones, and doctors must act quickly to coordinate the person’s care. Find out what benefits a senior community can provide for elderly people with clinical depression. 

Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthier lifestyle is necessary for all seniors who are experiencing clinical depression, and community staff can provide assistance to elderly residents with this condition. A healthier lifestyle includes diet and exercise. Doctors create a healthy diet according to all health conditions they have, and an exercise program can increase serotonin levels. Natural feel-good hormones at higher levels improve their mood and decrease the frequency of depression and its detrimental effects. Learn more about living a healthy lifestyle in an assisted living community in Placentia, CA

Presenting the Residents With New Hobbies

Hobbies can give seniors something to do in their free time and prevent them from isolating themselves from others. In fact, if they start a new hobby, the seniors are likely to make friends with others who enjoy these activities, and new friends can keep them motivated to do more each day.

Staying active helps seniors remain healthy and achieve a healthier weight. If they sit around for too long, the lack of activity may affect their bones and joints. Inactive seniors are more likely to experience depression symptoms and fall into the fog that happens with clinical depression. Find out more about hobbies that are great for senior living. 

Create an On-Site Support System

Residents with clinical depression need a support system within assisted living homes to help them through tough times. New friends and companions help them by listening when they are sad or experiencing serious symptoms. In these communities, it is important for the residents to become friends with staff members, too, since the nurses can help with a variety of unpleasant conditions. Their family and friends away from the community should also offer support as needed and be there for the resident. 

Plan Activities Around Depression Cycles

Even with medication and therapy, residents with clinical depression will experience depression cycles. During these cycles, the resident might need extra help, especially if they stop eating. IVs and feeding tubes can help if they become despondent during these cycles. Many seniors with major depression are likely to sleep longer during the day and withdraw from others. If the seniors have dementia, too, the staff must try to get them engaged in memory care for seniors to improve their memory and complete more tasks on their own. 

Foster a Positive Mindset 

The staff can help residents foster a positive mindset and learn better coping mechanisms. Negative thought processes happen often, and the residents need ways to acknowledge these thought patterns without allowing them to take over the resident’s life. In therapy, they learn to acknowledge the thoughts, process them, and replace these negative thoughts with positivity. It’s hard for a person with depression to look on the bright side, but as they progress through therapy, enjoying a positive mindset is possible over time. 

Help Them Find a Purpose Within the Community 

Many seniors need to feel worthy and needed, and communities provide these residents with a simple task each day that the person enjoys. If they love gardening, the staff can put them in charge of managing a small section of the garden, and if the staff implies that the resident is the only person who can do the task, they feel important and appreciated. A real purpose in life can help with clinical depression and keep residents more upbeat. 

Provide Help With Sleep Irregularities

Caregivers will contact the resident’s doctor if the senior is experiencing sleep problems, and the doctors can offer medications to regulate sleep. Exercising can also help seniors rest better and keep their serotonin levels higher.  

Amazing Homes for Seniors  

At Crescendo Senior Living, we offer exceptional homes for seniors who need help with activities of daily life, and our staff is trained to assist residents who are suffering from clinical depression. Our community offers a safe and friendly environment for all residents and makes everyone feel welcome. Come by for a private tour and decide if our community is the right place for your elderly loved ones. 

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