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As people age, they sometimes no longer want to live alone. They do not want the responsibilities of homeownership. Living in a senior living community allows people to enjoy life without so much stress. Unfortunately, there are many myths going around about these communities. People who have never been to one may not understand what they offer. It is essential to dispel the myths and understand the facts before deciding on a residential community.

Common Myths About Assisted Living

As seniors and their families begin considering their options for residential communities, they often believe falsehoods about the experience. The following are some top myths about therapy for seniors.

Assisted Living Is too Expensive

Many people do not realize how attainable senior living options are until they compare homeownership costs. Maintaining a home and all the expenses and responsibilities can be taxing to seniors. The freedom of having everything included for one price gives peace of mind and helps seniors stay on budget. 

Assisted Living Feels too Institutionalized

When some people consider an assisted living community, they think of stark white walls, fluorescent lights, and a cold atmosphere. The complete opposite is true. These communities are vibrant and full of life. Here, people live life to the fullest and enjoy every minute of the day. Seniors can continue to live independent lives without the stressors of homeownership and maintenance. 

These Communities Are For Old, Disabled People

Some people mistakenly believe assisted living homes are only for the really old or disabled. These communities are full of people ranging in age from 55 to 90. Many continue to work and take part in the community. The main assistance people receive from these communities is household-related. Most people live independently in these communities. 

Assisted Living Stifles Independence

Another common myth about assisted living is that it leads to a prison-like environment where people lose their independence and identity. The exact opposite is true. People can live their lives the way they see fit without any interruptions. Senior residents can continue to have guests and enjoy socializing with others inside and outside the community. No one should feel stifled while living in assisted living. 

Seniors Give Up Their Hobbies in Assisted Living

Yet another myth about assisted living revolves around hobbies. Some people think they will be forced to give them up when they move into a community. Those who enjoy fishing can continue to fish. People who love arts and crafts can take classes. Nothing is holding back people from living their best lives in memory care communities. 

Seniors Should Receive Care From Family

Deciding to enter a residential community can be overwhelming for seniors and their families. There is often so much guilt surrounding the decision. Families may feel like they are “giving up” on their loved ones. The truth is, many people are not equipped to handle the added responsibility of caring for a loved one. Moving a senior parent into a home brings added stress. Sometimes, it is better for seniors to enter a community where they are surrounded by people their own age and can enjoy life without nagging responsibilities. 

The Meal Selection Is Unappetizing

Another problematic myth perpetuated throughout the years revolves around food choices in assisted living. Some people think back to their school years and expect the same type of boring fare. They are surprised to learn these communities hire the best chefs that produce restaurant-quality cuisine. Seniors can enjoy their favorite dishes and rest assured everyone is packed with nutrition to keep them healthy and strong. 

Learn the Facts Today

Dispelling the myths begins with visiting communities and learning about what they offer. Talk to the residents and staff members, and ask pertinent questions. These communities are vibrant, enjoyable, and anything but boring. Here, seniors will enjoy making new friendships that last a lifetime. There is always something to see, do, and experience here. 

Schedule a tour today to get to know the options. Assisted living can transform a person’s life and allow them to enjoy their golden years without stress. These communities are more attainable than many realize. For a single monthly price, seniors can enjoy a beautiful residence, delicious food, fun with other seniors, and exciting activities that keep them active and healthy. 


Crescendo Senior Living offers a welcoming environment to help seniors live their best lives. Seniors move into our community to overcome the hassles and responsibility of homeownership. Our caring staff is available 24 hours a day to serve the needs of our beloved residents. 

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