Looking for a career in Senior Living?

Call us today to explore our family at Crescendo Senior Living. We believe that when our staff is treated like family, we create a culture of growth and purpose that will extend to our residents and families. We are a judgment-free environment that allows our staff to tap into their creative potential so they can best serve our residents with compassion, care and love. We take pride in that the majority of our staff have been with us for 15 plus years.

Training and programs:

  • Bi-weekly service training
  • Specialized training for memory care from outside medically trained experts
  • Group electives to create a great communication platform amongst our team
  • Employee of the month program
  • Creative idea of the month program
  • Birthdays of the month
  • Holiday giveaways and events
  • Weekly manager meetings
  • Daily standup

Feel Empowered:

We have an amazing, one of a kind environment built around our team of highly dedicated and compassionate staff. We empower our team to take the initiative with leadership qualities to care for our resident’s individual needs. By doing this, we create a constant sense of purpose and excitement into the daily work our staff commits to.


Selecting a senior living community comes with many questions and you don’t have to navigate them alone. Our staff is available to provide the information you need to make a confident decision. Submit a request and we will be in touch shortly.

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