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At Crescendo Senior Living, we are firm believers in the benefits of an active lifestyle. Staying active helps seniors live complete and well-rounded lives while improving their social, intellectual, physical, and emotional well-being. Here, we will go over the basics and some of the biggest benefits of an active lifestyle for seniors.

Why Should Seniors Maintain a Physically Active Lifestyle?

Older people sometimes have limited physical abilities because of injuries, age-related frailty, or medical conditions—but they can still benefit from regular activity. These people may need to be more careful than others, but with professional guidance, they can learn exercises and activities that improve their strength and mobility. Regular activity helps keep the residents of our assisted living community in Placentia, CA safe, healthy, and happy while reducing the drawbacks of a sedentary lifestyle.

Better Overall Health

Numerous studies indicate that seniors live healthier lives when they exercise regularly. Those who work out frequently have stronger immune and digestive systems, as well as a reduced risk of chronic illness and disease.

A Stronger Cardiovascular System

Regular activity also boosts cardiovascular health, which lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke. Seniors should consider adding cardio and strength training exercises to their routines for additional energy, better heart health, and an improved quality of life.

Lower Blood Pressure

When seniors maintain an active and fit lifestyle, they may reduce their risk of hypertension or high blood pressure. With 30 to 45 minutes of moderately intense aerobic exercise at least five times per week, seniors can reduce stress and lower their blood pressure.

Stronger and Healthier Bones

Though we don’t think of it as such, bone is a type of living tissue—and it changes depending on how it is treated. Regular exercise helps the bones adapt by becoming stronger and denser, and that’s why the experts in our assisted living community recommend regular activity for a healthy skeletal system. 

Easier and More Effective Weight Management

While metabolism changes are a part of aging, regular exercise can mitigate the effects. A safe routine may help some seniors maintain a healthy body weight, and professional training can help residents improve their metabolism, build lean muscle, and burn enough calories for weight management.

Better Balance and Fewer Falls

Research shows that senior citizens are more likely to fall, especially if they are weak and have brittle bones. A healthy and active lifestyle will build muscle, strengthen bones, and help seniors improve their balance. With low-impact exercise and regular bone density testing, residents can reduce their risk of falls and injuries.

Quality Sleep

Those with sedentary lifestyles often find it hard to get the right amount of quality sleep. Healthcare specialists in all types of senior living communities believe that active lifestyles can help seniors maintain the energy they need to get through the day while getting the sleep they need at night.

Better Mental Health

When seniors have physical limitations because of illnesses and injuries, they often find it hard to keep themselves engaged and active. Our community activities, including game nights, crafting, reading, music, painting, and writing, among others, will keep seniors’ minds sharp, boost their mental health, and improve their cognition.

Opportunities for Social Interaction

Maintaining an active social life, especially during one’s golden years, will reduce loneliness and decrease the risk of depression. However, many older people find it very challenging to stay social, especially during these trying times. At Crescendo Senior Living, we offer classes, events, and group activities where residents can meet like-minded people who all share a common goal.

Sharper Focus

It’s been established that exercise improves cognitive function and motor skills in seniors. Furthermore, engaging in regular physical activity reduces vascular dementia risk. By maintaining a fitness routine, seniors can stay focused and lead healthier, more energetic lives.

Live a Healthy, Active Life at Crescendo Senior Living

At Crescendo Senior Living, we offer some of the area’s best senior living services. Our trained caregivers will answer all your questions and ensure that your family member has everything they need to stay comfortable, healthy, and happy. With superior amenities, essential utilities, and enriching activities, we do our best to keep our residents active and engaged. Your family member’s security and health are important to us, and we are always here to provide guidance and support.

If you have questions about becoming a member of our community or would like to take a tour, we are here to help. Call today or fill out our online contact form to schedule a visit. We look forward to meeting you!

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