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For the last several years, health experts have touted the advantages of the Mediterranean diet. The diet makes extensive use of vegetables, fresh fruits, and whole grains to reduce the risks of contracting various diseases. However, several studies link the diet to reducing the odds of experiencing cognitive declines and, perhaps more importantly, dementia. That means senior living options in California are now exploring the connection between reducing cognitive declines and the Mediterranean diet to help residents remain vibrant.

What Is Dementia?

While most people have a vague idea of what dementia is, not everyone understands the condition’s impact on residents of assisted living homes. Dementia is broadly defined as a progressive condition that impacts an individual’s memory, behavior patterns, and thinking processes. While Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia, there are several other forms of the disease, and a formal diagnosis by a qualified medical team is the only real way to determine which type of dementia is present.

One advantage of community living for seniors is that staff members monitor residents so any changes in their health are usually observed quickly, which means care options can be evaluated and updated as needed. While dementia can’t be prevented, there are steps residents, their families, and care providers can take to treat the condition, reduce its progression, and help everyone deal with challenges as they develop.

How a Mediterranean Diet Helps?

A Mediterranean diet focuses on healthy eating options like plant-based foods, including whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats, while reducing the intake of red meat and processed foods. The idea is to provide an array of healthy food options that contribute to good overall health. Health experts now understand that a quality diet also enhances a person’s ability to fight threats like dementia, which is why memory care providers now work with dieticians to ensure senior community residents are encouraged to take advantage of healthy diet options.

Antioxidant-Rich Foods Provide an Extra Health Boost

One advantage of senior living in Placentia, CA, is meal services, including restaurant-style dining options. However, not all senior communities provide dietary options that effectively reduce dementia risks. One key aspect of a Mediterranean diet is the use of antioxidant-rich foods to combat dementia. Today, health professionals point to inflammation and oxidative stress as critical elements of dementia, which means memory care providers typically recommend a diet rich in antioxidants. A Mediterranean diet includes berries, colorful fruits, and vegetables that are attractive and tasty and also provide the antioxidants needed for residents to reduce dementia risks.

Community living for seniors provides dietary options that everyone can enjoy while also ensuring residents remain as healthy as possible. However, residents also need access to healthcare options so providers can monitor their condition and recommend dietary choices that keep them mentally alert and physically healthy. The two goals are not mutually exclusive, as each one impacts the other. Community care experts help residents schedule appointments with their personal healthcare providers and offer transportation to those appointments.

Consider Other Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet

Health professionals also point to blood sugar regulation as another critical aspect of fighting dementia. Since both chronic inflammation and impaired blood sugar regulation are routinely seen as essential elements in the development of dementia, taking steps to eliminate those conditions is always recommended. Mediterranean diet experts point out that a diet rich in whole, healthy foods, as well as healthy fats like olive oil, reduce inflammation and helps to regulate blood sugar levels. That means the risks of developing dementia, or seeing the condition worsen, are significantly reduced.

Diet and Lifestyle Impact the Development of Dementia

While the benefits of a Mediterranean diet are well established, lifestyle choices also impact the development of dementia. The Mediterranean lifestyle that espouses eating wholesome foods also encourages people to be active and engage with other people. Being mentally engaged with others and remaining physically active are important elements of fighting dementia, and we encourage all residents to take advantage of the community’s many activities that are designed to keep everyone healthy. Remaining active is easier when residents feel safe and secure, and we take steps to make sure every resident is comfortable when visiting other residents or taking advantage of the community’s many amenities.

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